Golf Cart Batteries, Repair, Annual Service and Accessories Direct to Your Door.

Call today for a free estimate on any repairs or service. All work is 100% guaranteed. Most repairs can be performed at your location, but if it is necessary to take your cart to our shop there is no pickup or drop off fee.

Best Cables!

Best Extended Warranty!

Best Warranty!

Best Service!

Best Price!

Free Battery and Charger Check

New Batteries
and Cables


We bring out our custom trailer and do all repairs onsite!

Annual Service $99.00/$129.00 with new cables.
.Service performed at your door. We show you problems first hand.





On Board Computer








We'll come out and check your batteries and charger for free!

These are all symptoms of bad batteries or a bad charger but they can also be symptoms of other issues as well.

So don't waste time and money having your cart hauled off to a shop. We'll come to your door and can usually tell you with in a few minutes what the problem is.

Totally Free and No Obligations.

And the bottom line is - We'll never replace your batteries unless we're 100% sure it will solve your problem.




Golf Cart Repair Tucson.COM

Owned and Operated by The Battery Guy Tucson



Mobile Repair and Annual Service Direct to Your Door.

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The way we streamline our mobile business with the most advanced technology helps us to reduce our overhead and pass the savings on to you. Adding to that our unbeatable purchasing power due to our high volume of sales, also allows us to be the most competitive dealer in the Tucson area.

We come to you. We remove your old batteries, clean your battery compartment with electric scrapers and brushes, paint your battery tray, replace your battery cables with new heavy duty 4 gauge cables, install your new batteries and check out your charging system. And your golf cart never leaves the front of your home or business.

All our Trojan and FVP batteries come with a full 2 year free replacement no hassel warranty. Most other major brands only carry a 12 month warranty.

And now receive a new set of Heavy Duty 4 Gauge Cables with every install. We decided that if you're going to install brand new batteries you might as well get brand new cables.

We have the best Extended Warranty in the industry. We cover shorted cells, dead cells, damaged battery posts, damaged battery cases and any bad cables at time of replacement. Also diagnostics and labor. All for $19.95.